Welcome, i'm Thibaut Grenier

User experience designer

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Current job:

Radioline PM

  • Branding & visual identity

  • UI & UX Design

  • Product Management

  • Motion Design

Some of my Skills.
Graphic Design (Photoshop)
12 yrs
Illustration/Branding (Illustrator)
9 yrs
Video Editing (Premiere pro/After Effects)
7 yrs
Web Design (HTML5/CSS3/Wordpress)
7 yrs
Interface Design (Sketch/Adobe XD)
5 yrs
Product Management (Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Redmine, Trello etc.)
5 yrs
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Who Am I


I'm an analytical mind with graphic design skills & good written english & microcopy skills. I'm a facilitator, open-minded & empathic person looking for a motivating workplace with an active mindset & an ethical project, human-focused, based on sharing or ecology. I'm interested in understanding better human behavior patterns & motivations. #cognitivepsychology #storytelling
✔ Studied at Intuit.lab & SUP'Internet
✔ Worked for MyCheckExperience or Les Argonautes.
✔ Current Product Manager of Radioline, global radio & podcasts' provider; planning roadmaps, prototyping, managing developers, testing, analyzing... & repeating the loop.
"As designers nowadays, we're the visual thinkers with highly trained eyes"

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32 Rue Marius Jacotot, 92800 Puteaux, La Defense Paris, FRANCE
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